I haven’t worked on my scarf lately. Problem is, I can’t find one of the needles. So tonight while we were in Concord, I stopped by Michael’s and bought another set. Actually, I bought a knitting kit, complete with a book about how to teach yourself how to knit. It has a few things in it that I didn’t know how to do, but knew that I needed to know how to do.

So far, I can cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. I know how to make a garter stitch and a stockinette stitch, and I’ve seen how to yarn over, but that’s something I have not yet actually done. But that’s pretty much it. I do not know how to do ribbing or cables. The book describes how to do all of those things.

In addition to the knitting kit, I also bought a skein of yarn. It’s wool. I’m thinking maybe my next project will be a pair of wool socks, but we’ll see. I think I need a special set of needles to do that.

My scarf is about three feet long now, so maybe if I don’t lose a needle again, I stand a chance of finishing it this month. But that remains to be seen.