I got next to no sleep again last night due to the pain in my neck. I got up at 4:00, took some Tylenol, and did some reading. I went back to bed again at 5:30, but didn’t get to sleep.

Once I got to work though, things started looking up. Mobility slowly returned to the ol’ noggin. By the time I went home, I could still tell that my neck was sore, but it wasn’t being constantly brought to the attention of my frontal lobe. I could even forget about it for brief periods.

When I got home, I briefly entertained the thought of going back up to the attic to put in some insulation. But I quickly dismissed that thought as pure folly. In spite of not insulating, I am beginning to feel the pain trying to sneak back in.

In my consultations with Dr Internet, I have diagnosed myself as having a herniated disc, probably between C5 and C6 (the cervical neck vertebrae). This means that my nerves are being pinched as they exit the spine through little gaps at the sides of the vertebrae. These pinches… they hurt! Dr Internet suggests that I see Dr Reallife so that he can tell me to take Tylenol (or a prescribed pain med), do neck stretches, and wait for it to heal. I have not decided if I will do that or not, especially since the pain has lessened by two orders of magnitude. I may reconsider that in the morning if the pain continues to sneak up on me again. I am not a fan of prescription pain meds, and I avoid them if I can.