We had our first Pathfinder meeting of the year tonight, and welcomed three new members. One is the youngest sister of two members, and she immediately fit right in. The other two are refugees from Tanzania. The older of those two is a 17 year-old girl who speaks little English. The other is an 11 year-old boy whose English is pretty good. They’ve been in the States for two years, and they are not related to one another.

I was not as well prepared as usual for tonight’s meeting. I hadn’t prepared an honor, though we had talked about which ones we were going to work on tonight. I was to teach Red Alert (which is an emergency-preparedness honor), and Jessica was to teach Ferns. But I had forgotten to remind her, and she hadn’t prepared. However, she thought that with the use of my laptop and the Innerwebs, she could pull it off, and she did. I’ve taught Red Alert before, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

I need for everyone in the club to have Red Alert, because it’s a prerequisite for an honor I’d like to work on later in the year. In fact, this is an honor that I took a hand in creating. Indeed, it’s two honors: Fire Safety, and Fire FIghting. We are going to pilot them. Once that’s done, we can submit them up the hierarchy for formal approval. Cool.