Today we made the soap from the kits I bought yesterday. Actually, all we did was melt the soap in a microwave, add scents and coloring, and poured it into molds from which the soap was nearly impossible to release. I eventually resorted to cutting the molds off two bars. But the soap came out looking no too much worse for the wear.

The soap was supposed to cool for 30 minutes, but we popped it into a snow bank and reduced the time to 10 minutes tops. Maybe that’s why we had such trouble getting it out, but I’d doubt it.

Once we got the soap out, we popped it into a couple of decorated boxes with some confetti-type stuff as a soap cushion. Then we hopped in our vehicles and drove though a semi-blizzard to the homes of two shut-ins. We sang them a couple of songs from the hymnal and gave them their soap boxes. They both seemed to genuinely appreciated it and were sad to see us go.

Then we hustled back to the church, changed out of our class A uniforms, and went to a bowling alley. We bowled for 90 minutes and the bailed. I went to Sam’s Club and ordered six pizzas. The guy taking the order seemed incredulous, asking if I wanted six slices. I clarified, “No, six whole pizzas.” He responded with “That’ll take 20 or 25 minutes.” and I said “OK!” Then I went and bought a box of candy bars to replenish our stocks for drilling and marching competitions.

The pizza was finally ready, and the kids pretty much devoured it upon arrival. Then we all went home, and I am pretty tired now. I think I’ll go to bed early (for me).