I worked on insulating the attic some more today. I finished off the north wall and started working on the west side of the roof. For the roof I have been folding a 32′ length of insulation in half to get two layers, but I need three. The plan was to get the third layer by starting at the east eaves, going up to the ridge vent, and then back down to the west eaves. That way, I wouldn’t have to cut anything. Only I will, because that path is more like 29.5 feet, not 32. Oh well.

After a bit of that, Va, Beth, and I headed into Concord. I needed to figure out some sort of craft for the Pathfinders to do tomorrow. After potluck, we’re going to make something for a couple of shut-ins, and then take it to them. But I had no idea what that craft would be.

We went to Michael’s (a craft store) to look around, and Beth found the perfect item – soap making kits. I bought two. We also picked out a couple of cigar-type boxes to decorate and to put the soap in. I think this will work out pretty OK.

When we got home I did a little bit of straightening and came across a necktie that one (perhaps both) of the boys must have used back when they were toddlers. It was about six inches long. For whatever reason, I thought Penny would look really sharp if she only had some formal neckwear. Here is the result:

Penny Goes Formal

She didn’t care much for formal wear. This was clearly more important than straightening the house, so the house was a wreck in the photo. So I edited out the background so no one could tell the house was a disaster zone. And then I announced as much. Oh well, hearing about a messy house and seeing one are two entirely different things.

After supper tonight someone who lives near here lit off a fairly massive fireworks display. They were off to the west of our house, and maybe a half mile away. Penny didn’t care too much for that, but we didn’t mind so much. We could see the starbursts from the sliding glass door, though our view was obscured by the treetops.