Tonight is cold and quiet. And windy. It’s 3°F outside (much warmer inside!) and the wind has been whipping all day. I stopped at Pizza Hut before coming home. We ate, and then I let Beth use my computer while I did a little more knitting. The scarf is over two feet long now.

Then I went up to the attic and did a little more casual insulating. Perhaps I was inspired by the weather. I didn’t do too much – just put some up on the north wall, all the way to the window (which is in the center of the room), and the space above it. Then Beth asked me to help her with her piano practice. Of course there was nothing I could do but advise her to keep practicing. And she did.

Then she took a bath and I put her to bed. We finished Book III of the Lord of the Rings (that is, the first part of the Two Towers). Tomorrow we will pick up with the adventures of Frodo and Sam.

This morning I dropped off the grant application at Sam’s Club. We’ll see what happens. We asked for money for playground equipment for the school, as that seems to fit the bill for what they’re looking to fund. I just didn’t think they’d give us money for our Latin America trip.