Well we didn’t get a big pile of snow like they did south of here. We got flurries. But we have cold and wind in spades today, and we have had it that way all week. Winter is without a doubt firmly here.

And those are the conditions under which the Pathfinders were selling fruit tonight at Sam’s Club. I was there to help set up, but I had a church board meeting to attend at 6:00pm, so I bugged out about that time (and was a couple of minutes late getting there). Here’s what the fruit looked like after we had wrapped it up:

Gift-wrapped Citrus

Gift-wrapped Citrus

I finally got to talk to the manager in charge of non-profit fundraising activities. We wanted to operate there for four nights in a row, but they would only give us three. We’ll take what we can get, but I am a bit disappointed in that. But they already waived one rule for us so I can’t complain. I never did hear from Walmart.

Tonight I had eight kids there plus four adults. We worked in short shifts, with the “off” crew walking laps around the inside of Sam’s to warm up, accompanied by an adult. I took my charges for two laps which took about ten minutes I guess, and that was at a pretty brisk stride. It did warm us up though. They had a big screen TV on display with a DVD of a roaring fireplace playing. I stopped and held my hands up to the screen and the kids got a big kick out of that.

Sales were on the disappointing side. I did a quick count after the board meeting was over (and the crew had returned). We grossed something like $260 though. That not enough to get us out of the hole, but it might be if we do that well for all three nights.

Tomorrow is a special day at school for Beth. They are supposed to wear pajamas, and Va is going in to cook them some breakfast. Then they get out at noon. Katrina (the teacher) wasn’t able to make it to school today because she and her husband went to TN for the weekend to attend a wedding, and then the snow came. She’s back in NH now though. The teacher’s aide took charge of the class today.

I need to get my carcass out of bed early the next two days so I can get some hours in at work. Then I can leave work early on Wednesday and see if we can’t man the fruit stand a little longer then. Otherwise, I’ll have a lot of fruit on my hands that we’ll have to send to the homeless shelter.