The guy from Craigslist showed up and bought my old snowblower today. Jonathan was the only one home, so he helped him load it and took the guy’s $50. Yay! Jonathan said that the guy figured the humor in my ad was worth the $50. But maybe he’s just trying to earn brownie points with me. If so, it’s working!

Here’s the ad.

This is an ancient snowblower probably built during the Ford Administration, but I’m not positive. International Harvester went out of business in 1984, so this beast dates to before then. The engine runs remarkably well, and I was able to start it on the second pull when I got it out for the winter. But then I ran it out of gas and couldn’t get it restarted (I tried again today, and it started on the third pull – go figure). In frustration, I went to the store and bought a new one.

This thing is a tank. But you shouldn’t think “M1 Abrams” when I say that. It would be more accurate to think “Republican Guard circa 1991.” A soviet-built tank abandoned on the side of the road. On fire.

My old snowblower is of course not in mint condition. The master clutch lever is gone. It was sheared off last year. I found the lever and set it atop the garbage can with the intent of fixing it the following day. However, the following day was trash day, and my son took the lever off the lid, deposited it in the barrel, and wheeled it out to the end of the driveway. It was long gone when I got home from work. I had intended to someday fabricate a new master clutch lever, but the screen door spring I pressed into service held it engaged well enough that I never got around to it.

The drive clutch handle broke off too, but I never did find it. Instead, I made a new clutch handle from a caulk gun. It works rather well, even better than the original did. One of the handlebars broke a weld joint last year too, so I cobbled a new one together from a length of steel conduit. Not the prettiest repair job, but quite functional.

This machine was built back in the days when men were men and snowblowers did not have all those sissy safety features they have today. If you let go of this while it is running, it will just keep going. If it’s headed for the garage, it will claw its way right through the back wall, then continue down the back yard into the woods where it will plow over trees and run over ground-nesting birds and mammals both large and small. It would only affect deaf critters though, as this thing would give a jet engine a run for its money on the decibel scale. They will hear it from a mile off.

If you don’t have a problem with that, then this is the snowblower for you. I have several spare shear pins and a couple of replacement belts that you can have with it. It also comes with tire chains. I’ll take $50 for it or the best offer that comes around.