I worked only half a day today, so between today and yesterday, that’s one full day of vacation used up. I left a little after noon to go to Beth’s piano recital. She played very well, and only made one mistake. Which was relatively excellent! Each kid played part of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, and Beth’s part was The Waltz of the Flowers.

After the Nutcracker, Mrs Reese (the piano instructor) had one of the girls come up and play her Christmas song. When she finished, she picked a gift bag. Mrs Reese had taped the name of a song to the bottom of each bag, so the bag selected determined who played next. As each kid finished, a new bag would be selected until all the songs were played. Beth’s Christmas song was Joy to the World, and she went somewhere in the middle of the pack.

I took pictures, but the camera is downstairs, and I’m not. Oh well.

Va and David came too, but Jonathan stayed home in case the guy who wanted the snowblower showed up (which he did, see the earlier post).

After the recital we had cookies, pumpkin muffins, and other goodies. I had only eaten a small bag of peanuts for lunch, and then I overcompensated with the desserts. Oops. Va had some shopping to do, so she left before I did. Beth played outside a bit while I chatted with the adults. It was cold out there too, but all the kids were bundled up in heavy coats, gloves, hats, and snow pants, so it didn’t bother them too much. When I woke up this morning, it was all of one degree above zero (Fahrenheit). It was a touch warmer by afternoon though, so it wasn’t too brutal on the kids.

Then we headed to Home Depot. I wanted to pick up a Leatherman multi-tool for Ken, because I managed to break his yesterday. Luckily, that didn’t happen until I got back to the church. I had dragged some of the garage poles into the church so I could take them further apart (to make them fit in the trailer better). One nut was particularly snug, and I squeezed with a little more force than the pliers were designed to withstand. So now they won’t close all the way. The pliers I bought for Ken are of substantially higher quality, so they should not suffer the same fate.

Ken won’t like that I got him better pliers, but that’s a risk he took by loaning me his truck!