Here’s one way to make sure your Christmas tree doesn’t tip over:

Christmas tree stand being nailed to the floor

Nail it to the floor!

I’ve been doing it this way for several years now, and it works very well, even with rambunctious kids and dogs underfoot. It’s impossible to see the nail holes when I take the tree down, because the carpet covers it quite well. If I do this for another 20 years though, I’m bound to start finding old nail holes. Oh well. Maybe when the rambunctious family members move out I can quit doing this.

I noticed this morning that the snow on my roof over the attic stairway is quite a bit deeper than it is elsewhere. That used to be the first place to melt. This change can only be because of the insulation I added there. It drives home the need of finishing that job. I’d like to get it done this year, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. I have several other demands for my attention (besides my kids).

  • Develop a web site for selling fruit to the public
  • Implement a web filter at the school.
  • Knit a scarf

Yeah, I’m still trying to learn how to knit. I made pretty good progress on it yesterday, but I am seriously thinking I should just start over. I made the first row way too wide, covering the entire length of the needle with the loops compressed together. From what I can tell, that compression was roughly 50% of the natural width of the resulting knit, and that makes for a scarf about 18 inches wide. It would be a lot faster (and use half the yarn) if I just started over on that.

I think my strategy is going to be to work on the tech tasks first, and then use the knitting to clear my head before bedtime. That way I won’t lie awake all night thinking about solving intractable tech problems. Maybe.