Today during church Beth’s school performed Special Music. They will do that at the Laconia church next week. Camille, Beths K-2 teacher came for their performance and brought the baby that drew her into retirement. It was good to see her again. Here’s a shot of Beth during the performance.
Beth singing "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Today after potluck I led the Pathfinders on a carolling mission. We brought cookies, sweet breads, brownies, and song to all the fire stations and police stations in Concord. Maybe we brought snow too, I dunno. It started during lunch, and it’s still snowing now. We’ve got about four inches on the deck railing. Oop! Make that six.

The firemen certainly seem to like the carolling. Maybe it’s the cookies. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to give tours of their trucks. There are four fire stations in Concord, and we got four tours. I think the firemen enjoyed that as much as the Pathfinders did, and maybe more. The point of carolling for the police and fire departments was to express our appreciation for the work they do for our community. Imagine what it would be like without them!

Paul and Barbara, our Pathfinder area coordinators came with us. Actually, Paul is more than an Area Coordinator – he’s the Conference Associate Pathfinder Director, and he is very good at that. He’s also a photographer and volunteer fireman. He took several photos while we carolled and I think he enjoyed hobnobbing with the firemen. Barbara had made up some “thank you” cards. Four of them had the Fireman’s Prayer, and three had the Policeman’s Prayer. Everyone in the club signed them. The front of each card was adorned with some of Paul’s photographs. It was very nice, and I was really glad they came along with us.

Neither Jonathan nor David came with us on the carolling trip because they were each teaching a group of younger kids in the Adventurer’s Club (actually, Eager Beavers and Little Lambs, which are the programs we have for kids who are 5 and 4).