Penny was absolutely rank when I got home from work tonight. That was the first thing Va told me anyhow. I didn’t smell her at first, but it didn’t take long to catch a tragic whiff. I ran some tub water and hauled her up there. Penny hates baths. She goes nuts and races around the stairs when Beth is in the tub, and then goes completely non-linear when Beth calls out for something (“I need a towel,” etc). She thought I was running water for Beth, but she wasn’t sure. Beth was downstairs, and she usually runs her own water. She was onto me.

As soon as the tub was filled, I found the dog soap and put that within easy reach. If I were to go looking for it after depositing Penny in the tub, it would have been over. She’d have bounded out of the tub quick as lightning as soon as my back was turned. But I am wise to that. Once the soap was located, I went down and grabbed Penny. She knew.

I scrubbed her down pretty good. She had something awful matted in the hair on the right side of her neck. I didn’t sniff it, but rather, trusted that the foulness emanated from thence. I scrubbed that part down pretty good. I scrubbed all of her pretty good actually, except her head. I leave that alone, but maybe I shouldn’t have.

Penny has a stinky face now. Her neck, back, legs, and underside are all fresh, but it’s pretty hard to tell with the stink fumes rising off her face. Ugh. I may need to wipe her down with something. And I do NOT want to know what she got into.

After Penny’s bath and our supper, I put Beth to bed. We’ve been reading Book One of the Lord of the Rings, aka The Fellowship of the Ring for a while now. Tonight we finished it. We will start The Two Towers tomorrow. I read that trilogy something like 11 times when I was in high school, so it’s safe to say that I am a Tolkein fan. I read them to the boys when they were 8 and 10, insisting that they be familiar with the books before they saw any of the movies. Knowing that the movies would depart from the books, I didn’t want them to read the book later and say “That’s not how it happened!” Of course none of it happened, but I prefer Tolkein’s version and consider it canonical. PJ did a good job on the movies though, and I very much enjoyed them. Now I need to decide if Beth should be able to watch The Fellowship or not.