Yesterday I wrote about how the manager at the Walmart in Tilton told me I needed to write a letter on our non-existent letterhead requesting permission to fundraise at their exit. She told me I would need to address it to “Stacy, the personnel manager.” OK. I wanted her last name so I could write a proper letter, so I called the Walmart and asked to speak with “Stacy in personnel.” I was soon speaking with her and explaining what I wanted to do. I was just about to ask her what her last name was when she told me that I had been told the wrong thing. They only require a letter if we were asking them for a handout, which I was not.

Whew! Then she asked me when we wanted to do our fundraising. I gave her the two dates we wanted (both in December). No dice. The Salvation Army will be there then, and they only allow one group to operate at a time. January was available though. That was not what I wanted to hear.

Sam’s Club has the same rule, but they never mentioned it to me (it was spelled out in the form I had to sign though). Now my fear is that I’ll get a rejection from the Concord Walmart as well on the same grounds. I sure hope not.

Now I’m trying to figure out where else we could do this. Maybe Target? One of the grocery chains? I don’t know! We might also be able to get four days at Sam’s instead of two, but that would put us there on Christmas Eve. Not ideal, but I think it’s better than nothing.