This morning after breakfast I cleaned the leaves out of the flower bed in the front of the house. It was pretty warm out, and I kept thinking about the Winnepesaukee Trail, which opened about three years ago. I had gone looking for it once but couldn’t find the trailhead, but then I saw it on Google Maps the other day and thought I might give it another go.

My original plan was to hike it on Saturday, but it was pouring rain (so we hiked a to Sandogardy instead, which was shorter). Beth and I took Penny over there and we went looking for a geocache that was hidden along the trail. We found the trail, but not the cache. When we got back I re-read the description, and it’s not wonder I didn’t find it – it’s hidden under a log. I wasn’t in the turn-over-every-log mode, so naturally, we missed it.

We came back to the house, and then the whole family headed over to Chili’s for lunch. They have a really good queso bean dip. I could eat a gallon of that stuff.

After that we came home again and I got ready for Pathfinders. I needed to get ready to teach the Bats honor, which I did. All we need to do now to finish it off is build or procure a bat house and mount it. I have already secured permission from the church board to hang one (or more) on some of the light poles. I’m leaning towards “procure” rather than “build” even though I’d kinda like to build one myself. I just don’t have time.

We finished the honor up in record time though, and I really felt as if everyone was getting it (sometimes they don’t). I had good participation from the kids, which is always great. I don’t know what I’m going to teach next week – maybe Disaster Response – Advanced (we did Disaster Response last week, so we could follow that up with the advanced one now). I didn’t do that this week because I haven’t finished compiling the answers to it yet. If I can finish that off this week, I’ll have something to talk about then.

We also decided that we’re going to do a drill demonstration at a nursing home in February. We usually go there and sing them some hymns, but as a choir, we really suck. We do much better at drill. Also, that’s a requirement for the Drilling and Marching Advanced honor which some of the kids need to earn before the end of April.