Tonight they executed what’s-his-name in Virginia. I can’t remember his name (nor do I wish to), but I do remember the name of his victim – Dean Meyers. He was killed at a gas station in Manassas Virginia. I lived in Manassas for 13 years. I filled my tank at that very station, even at the very pump Meyers was using when he was shot. I was about a quarter mile away when this happened, at a Lowes in a nearby shopping center (buying a couple of bags of mulch if I remember correctly).

I drove by that gas station (a Sunoco) at least twice per day. Just about everyone in Manassas did, as that was how you got onto I-66, which is pretty much how you got anywhere from Manassas. The next morning I was taking my sons to school and we drove by the Sunoco. It was covered with investigators and police tape. That’s the sort of thing that prompts questions in the minds of grade-school boys. I wanted them to feel safe and be safe, but we had this monster on the loose. I also wanted them to know the truth. So I told them what happened there. I am glad that this information didn’t seem to change them.

I continued to fill up at that gas station, and I thought about Dean Meyers every time I went there. I was a pretty happy guy when they caught his murderer. I do not regret his execution tonight, but I also do not celebrate it.