This morning as Beth and I were getting ready to leave for school, she asked me to put her hair in a pony tail. So I did. But as I did so, I noticed little flecks of stuff in her hair. Dandruff? Maybe. Lice? MAYBE! AAAAAHHHH!

Va rendered an opinion. We Googled. It looked like the nits in the nets, so I decided to take her to the doctor instead of to school. Va had an audit for the church finances (she’s the treasurer), so she couldn’t take Beth in. So that fell to me.

We got there at 8:00, but there was not doctor there. They also told me “No walk-ins today.” What kind of a policy is THAT? But they worked us in at 10:45 anyhow. I went back home and did some work from there, but that’s not easy for me, as I don’t do well out of my normal work environment.

I looked and saw that there is a geocache hidden near the doctor’s office, so I snagged the coordinates, and we left early enough to give us 15 minutes to hunt for it. But that wasn’t enough. My GPS just quits updating when you slow down. And I always slow down when I get close. Bummer.

Anyhow, the doc confirmed my suspicion and called in a prescription to our pharmacy. I called Va. Since the prescription was phoned in to Concord (which is where she was), Beth and I drove in and met Va for lunch. Then I went to the drug store. They won’t have the prescription until tomorrow. “What time?” I asked. “Usually by 3:00pm.” Groan. Beth can’t go back to school until she has been treated with this stuff (it’s like cream rinse), so she’s going to miss a second day. I called Va. She was on her way home again because she needed some more documentation for the audit. So I asked her to meet me again and get Beth, which she did. Then I went to work.

But my laptop was still at home. I do have a second computer in my office, but again, I don’t do well outside my normal environment. So I did some reading.

I left work at my normal time, which left me with just enough daylight to look for another geocache. I found this one with no problem. It’s about time. I’ve now looked for six and have found only two of them. That’s a flunking grade in most any school. Maybe I’ll get better at this as time goes on.