Yesterday evening, Va and I went on a mini vacation to Kittery Maine. We left the kids at home. We ate dinner in Concord on the way to Kittery and stayed in a fairly nice hotel right across from the outlet mall(s). We slept in, watched Myth Busters until 10:00am, checked out, and then did some shopping. I bought a lid lifter for my dutch oven at the Kittery Trading Post, and she bought… I dunno. Stuff. We got home a little after noon.

Before we left I tramped around the yard and woods (in the rain) and gather as many different types of mushrooms as I could find. I came up with 15 different species or so. Then I sat down with my mushroom field guide and made a stab at identifying them. All that was in preparation for this evening’s Pathfinder meeting. We finished up the Fungi honor.