Tomorrow we induct two new Pathfinders into the club, so I have been getting ready for that tonight. We used to do rehearsals on Friday evenings, but we found that rehearsals didn’t make much difference in the long run. So now I just go over the program with the kids (and staff) 30 minutes before the program starts, and then we do it for real. It works out pretty well.

That does mean that the kids don’t have much opportunity to memorize their lines, but that’s OK. They never memorized them when they did have time, so it’s not much of a loss. The ones who did memorize them still do in the 30 minutes they do get.

I always hand out slips of paper with their lines printed on them so they can get up and read them. And every year when they give them back to me, they are folded, torn, chewed, or otherwise mangled so that I have to make new ones again the following year. But this year I had Va laminate them for me. She also reprinted them and made them look very nice (so they would be worthy of lamination I guess). She’s really amazing when it comes to stuff like that. I always turn to her when I need something printed up and nice looking. She made up our citrus order forms this week too, and they look great. Also, she turned my rough outline of the Induction ceremony into a program. No wonder I married her!

Tonight I ended up making several modifications to our Induction candle stand. Thing. During Induction, we end up lighting 25 candles, all of which are mounted on a stand that was built (not by me) for that purpose. Every year I promise myself that I will build a new one for next year, but that never happens. I did haul it home with me today though and addressed its major problems. First, it’s not all that stable, having a tendency to want to tip over. That’s not a great feature to have, especially in an object sporting 25 lit candles. The other fault I addressed is that the holes into which the candles are supposed to fit… don’t fit.

For stability, I got a largish piece of plywood (about 48″x30″ I would guess) and mounted it to that with a couple of stove bolts and matching T-nuts. I also bought a table cloth for this, and it will go over the plywood, but not over the stand. That means I will have to cut some holes in the table cloth, but thems the breaks. I bought the table cloth for this very purpose, so that makes it OK.

For the holes not being sized right, I reamed them out a little. I also shaved some wax off the base of the ill-fitting candles. They fit better now, but not as well as I would have liked. Hopefully between the new base and the better holes, we won’t set the church on fire tomorrow.

Speaking of fire, the landlord at work most definitely had one lit beneath his posterior yesterday. He was in there today measuring windows, so I know that my request was passed along. It will be nice to have a window that actually separates my office from the weather.