I’m taking a break from appliance repair today. I did swing by Sears and order a new valve assembly. I also confirmed that I could return the timer I bought (and which didn’t fix the problem). Maybe I’ll swap out the timer tomorrow, or maybe it’ll wait until next week.

Beth has been enjoying the dishwasher box. I cut a door and a window in it, and she has decorated the inside. I completely understand how enthralled she is to play in a box, because I felt that joy myself many times as a kid.

Tonight I stopped by and visited with the kid I had to suspend from Pathfinders last month. He’s the same kid who got run over by the wagon on the hay ride a couple of weeks ago. He’s healing up nicely. I especially wanted to be sure that he and his parents both heard the story of the drunk guy who invaded one of the camp sites during our Camporee last month. It just stresses how important it is for him to not run off when he’s upset. While I was there I also went over some of the things he has missed at our meetings so that he can do the work at home and not be too far behind when he can return. Hopefully he’ll learn from this. At least… I sure hope he does.