I think I know what’s wrong with the washer now. Also, I’m a moron, because I feel I shoulda figured this out long before now, but didn’t. One of the first things I considered was that the fill valve was stuck open. The test for that (as I read on the Innerwebs) is to start the machine and wait until it is filling. Then while it is doing that, pull the plug. If it stops filling, the valve closes and is therefore not the culprit.

Unless there are more valves involved.

My washer has a set of inlet valves for hot and cold, and four sets of outlet valves (one of which is the fill valve). When I pulled the plug, the inlet valves closed and the water stopped. The inlet valves are working perfectly. However, the fill valve is stuck open. As it turns out, this machine leaves the inlet valves open a lot, so it can do things like add bleach or fabric softener. It relies on the fill valve to keep the tub from overfilling.

I ran two loads of laundry tonight, manually cutting off the water when the voltmeter told me the fill valve was supposed to be off. In a little while, I might go back down there and remove the valve assembly and see if I can get the fill valve unstuck. If I can, problem solved (until it gets stuck again). If I can’t, I will look into swapping the fill valve and the bleach valve, but then the bleach valve will be stuck open. But if I can clog the bleach line, that will not be a problem. A new valve assembly is just over $100. Prolly what I should do is buy one anyhow.

The 36V thing I wrote about before turned out to be a fluke. I was just about standing on my head when I read that, and it was kinda dark in that corner. That’s my excuse! It may have been reading 36mV (millivolts, or 36 thousandths of a volt). The “m” on my meter is very small. Anyhow, that led me down a false path. I’m just glad I turned around before spending more money!

Sorry for boring everyone with these details, but I have been eating, breathing, and dreaming broken washing machine for several days now. And whatever I do… that’s what I write (or nothing at all!)