Yesterday was busy, and I was so tired when I got home that I didn’t feel like writing anything. So I’ll try to catch up this morning.

I started the day by taking the washing machine apart. I found the water level sensor. It is an interesting part. There’s a little chamber to the side of the tub that fills with water as the tub does. That compressed a column of air in a tube that goes to the water level switch which has a diaphragm in it. To test it, I disconnected the tub from the tub and blew into it to pressurize it. It went “click!” which is good. Next I hooked it to an ohm meter and repeated the experiment. It all checked out. So it must not be the water level sensor at all, which is bad, because now I’m all out of theories. Next thing I tried was blowing into to the tube with the washer filling to see if that would make it quit, and found that it does not. Huh.

I started probing solenoids and found that somehow, the fill solenoid is getting power even though the level sensor says it should not. The meter reads 120V when the sensors says go, but it reads 36V when the sensor says “quit!” Methinks 36V is probably plenty to activate the solenoid. There is a circuit board containing (among other things) a relay between the switch and the solenoid, so I buzzed that out. The board is conformally coated, but I was able to poke the probe through the varnish. One leg of the relay was open, and the other closed, which is as it should be. But where does the 36V come from? I have no idea. I hate to replace the circuit board, but that’s the only place I can think of that would have any chance of fixing it now.

While I was down there, I decided to wash the towels that have been in the tub for a week now (as I waited for the timer to come in). I bay sat the washer by cutting off the water faucet at critical times, and by doing so was able to get that load done and into the dryer. It fills the tub three times, and I had to cut it off manually all three times. After that I went upstairs and announced that we could probably get a second load done, and for everyone to bring their critical laundry. Va suggested that jeans were critical for everyone. I tossed in two pairs of wool socks. Then I went down for another baby-sitting operation.

As it was filling, the new dishwasher arrived. Jonathan took over the babysitting while I supervised the crew from Lowes. As I suspected, they do not install – they only deliver. But they do haul away the old one which I had already taken out and moved onto the deck. Of course I was not able to do that without spilling half a gallon of putrid dishwater on the floor. That’s why I hauled it to the deck anyhow.

As soon as they were done, I went back to the basement to finish baby-sitting. There was still one more fill cycle to watch. As I waited I decided to assemble a shelving unit we had bought when we moved here. Yeah – five years ago. I had that half assembled when the washer finished. I chucked it into the dryer and then went upstairs to install the dishwasher.

I didn’t get too far into that before it was time to have lunch. We went to Chilis, and that was around 2:30pm. Late lunch. I had to hustle outta there through because we had a 4:00pm Pathfinder meeting. I got there at 4:00pm, which was later than I wanted.

When I got home I started into the dishwasher again. That’s when I found that I needed to buy an elbow in order to hook it into the water supply. Sigh. By then the stores were closed, so I washed one more (hopefully) load by hand and went to bed.