Today Va went to Shelburne, NH for an Adventurer’s leadership conference. She left the house at about 6:30. Because she wasn’t going to be able to cook our traditional Saturday morning breakfast this morning, she did that last night. She makes some killer biscuits.

I got up at 7:30, took a shower, got the kids up, and then we went to church. Then we came home, had some lunch, and I took a nap. I should have gone for a walk, but I was really tired. I’m still tired now, so I guess I needed whatever sleep I could get.

I woke up in time to take Beth to a friend’s birthday party. Va had the GPS, so I had to find their place the old fashioned way – Google maps. OK, that’s not very old fashioned at all, is it?

We made it there on time. The kids had fun. I came home, and Va was back by then. Yay!

Tomorrow the new dishwasher should arrive. I plan to spend the morning investigating the water level sensor on the washing machine. With any luck, I will be able to fix it without buying a new part. Otherwise… we will go to a laundromat. Boo!