We have snow in the forecast for tonight:

Low: 34°F RealFeel®: 40°F
Cold with increasing cloudiness; a touch of snow and rain at times late

When I got home I checked out the last tent I still had pitched in the yard. It was quite dry on the inside, but the underside was still very wet. So I took down the big tent I had hanging in the garage, folded, rolled, and packed it away. Then I took down the one in the yard and hung it in its place.

The big tent I had packed away also had a split pole, so I dragged that into the house and decided it was nothing that couldn’t be effectively addressed with duct tape. I put the two broken halves together and jammed them into their socket to hold them in place. Then I had some supper. Then I got the duct tape and wrapped up the wrong section. When I went to break it down again, I found the broken section still broken. My first thought was “it’s broken in two places!” but then I realized that I was just being stupid. So I wrapped the proper section. I thought about unwrapping the first section, but I’d rather have useless duct tape on a pole than have duct tape residue in its place. So I left it.

Before I came home from work though, I swung by Sears to get a timer for our washing machine. They didn’t have one in stock, so they ordered one for me ($140). I also got a pressure switch ($10) just in case, and Sears tacked on another $16 for shipping. It should be at our house sometime around Thursday.

I guess we’ll hafta wear dirty clothes until then.