This afternoon I got a call from my lovely bride. The washing machine had leaked water all over the basement floor. So my work this evening was cut out for me.

When I was in college, I worked for my Dad, and one of his specialties was appliance repair – including washing machines. Nearly all washing machines opened up the same way: pry up the lid from the front. But that was then. I tried prying open the top, but it was going nowhere. I examined the cabinet closely and found that there was an inaccessible screw holding the top on. Well, if I had a 36″ long screw driver it would have been accessible. I concluded that it must open up some other way. Google turned up this page which was enormously helpful. On my washing machine, the whole front, top, and two sides of the cabinet lift off. But before that can happen, the console has to be opened and tilted back. There are some not-real-easy clips that have to be sprung to release the console, but once I figured out a) where they were, and b) how to spring the loose, it wasn’t that bad.

I took off all the drain hoses and probed for lost socks. None were found. I removed the pump. No sock there either. Looked to me like the problem was not in the drain system at all. I didn’t see anything wrong with the fill system either, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I put it all back together again and ran it through a second rinse cycle.

That rinse cycle made me a little suspicious. I haven’t made any conclusions about it yet, but it seemed to me that it filled the tub awfully full. I didn’t let it finish by itself, but now I sure regret that. I’m starting to think that the timer got a little sluggish on the rinse and didn’t shut off until the floor was nice and wet.

With the tub nearly full, I advanced the timer to spin and monitored its progress. It pumped all the water out with nary a leak. So I really think the draining system is OK. Maybe in a little bit I’ll go down and run a rinse cycle again. Just to be sure.