Last night I tore into David’s netbook to look at his power connector. One of the solder joints looked a little suspicious to me, but I just couldn;t see it that clearly (getting old I guess). I took a picture so I could zoom in on it for a better look.

Power connector on David's Dell Mini 9 netbook

Power connector on David's Dell Mini 9 netbook

As I was examining the suspicious wire more closely, the other one broke loose. I immediately changed suspects. I tried soldering the wire back onto the connector, but it was just too small, and I guess my eyes are getting too old for that sort of work.

I thought it would be a good idea to bring his netbook to work this morning and ask our solder tech to look at it. I brought David too, because I figured the netbook would be fixed in about 20 minutes, and he needed it for his school work. I didn’t want to waste an hour shuttling him home once it was fixed, and I didn’t want him wasting half a day while I had his netbook. The solder tech wasn’t in when we got there though, so I took it over to a solder station we have in our lab upstairs and gave it another go. The thing we have there that I do not have at home is a microscope. Also, a dental pick, which is useful for holding a wire down while the solder cools. The wire gets to hot for me to do that with my bare fingers. Anyhow, between the microscope and the dental pick, I had the wire soldered back securely in place in no time. And it worked, yay! David spent the rest of the day in my office doing his school work on his netbook. At least, he BETTER have been doing his school work.

It rained today, as per the forecast. But it was not raining when I got home. I did notice with some dismay though, that there was a significant number of leaves in the yard. They are falling, and the grass was way too tall (it’s hard to rake leaves in tall grass). Wet or not, I figured that as long as it was not actively raining, I just HAD to cut the grass. So I did.

I guess I pretty much cut the grass twice. The first pass knocked it down, and the the second (and sometimes third) pass pushed back up again and cut it off. It took 90 minutes (usually takes about an hour).

I relocated the only tent that’s still in the yard so I could mow under it. It was mostly dry on the inside, but of course with all that rain, it’s quite wet on the outside now. Maybe I can take it down before it snows. I think the two tents hanging in the garage are dry enough to put away now, but I don’t have room in the house to fold/roll/pack the big one. I am certainly NOT going to drag it into the yard for that either!