When I got home tonight, I had a lot of demand on my time. First, Jonathan needed some help with his “Lifestyle/Fitness” class, which I would have called PE or PhysEd when I was in high school. Basically, he has to do the President’s Challenge Fitness Test, which we will be doing with the Pathfinders on Sunday anyhow. But he can’t wait that long. He already has a severe procrastination problem that I do not wish to exacerbate.

For this test, he needed a chin-up bar. So I slung one from the garage rafters with a pair of 2×4’s and a 6′ length of black pipe (which I had been using as a roof rack). It took me half an hour to put that together, and then he did 6 chin-ups on it in about 45 seconds. Done. I have not taken it down yet. It’s not exactly in the way, and I’m not in a big hurry.

Then he went down to the basement to run a mile on the treadmill. While he was busy with that, I helped Beth with her piano lessons. We’re drilling with flash cards so she can memorize the notes. For whatever reason, she likes to drill with the flash cards better than she likes playing songs. Search me.

Jonathan didn’t exactly warm up properly and got a muscle cramp, so he quit the run prematurely. After he caught his breath, I helped him do “curl-ups” (which is what I always called sit-ups), and then the V-sit and reach thing. Afterwards, he re-tried his mile and did manage to finish that. So I guess as soon as he sends in his results, he has a box to check.

Then I went outside and struck the other of the small tents. I dragged it into the living room to fold so I could assess its dryness with decent light (it was quite dark by then). Satisfied with its dryness, I folded/rolled/packed it away. It’s twin is still hanging from the garage ceiling, right next to a chin-up bar.

Then I put Beth to bed. Once she was down, I headed back outside to take down the biggest tent. It was still a touch damp, so out came another length of PVC. I strung it up in the garage next to the tent that was already there. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, and I still have one more tent in the yard. I was going to take it down, but in my doings in the dark, my foot managed to find a pile of Penny’s soft serve pretty right next to the tent. Grrrr. I would rather leave it up another three weeks than drag it through that, so it’ll just have to take another shower.

In a few minutes I need to work on David’s netbook. He has a loose power connector. I brought a soldering iron home so I could work on it, and I guess it’s about time to get busy again.