David turned sixteen today. We took him to the Outback (his choice) and had dinner. Then we went to Target and got him a new pair of ear buds. I bought a new camera case while we were there too, and Beth and Va chose a T-shirt (which he liked). Then we came home.

I checked the tents again (before the Outback). One of them appeared to by dry, so I struck it. As I was rolling it up though, I detected moisture (grumble grumble). Instead of re-pitching it, I strung it over a length of PVC and suspended it in the garage ceiling. It’s supposed to rain later this week.

The tent I had flipped over was mostly dry. Only the part that had been touching the ground was still damp, and that only barely. Still wet enough to mold though, so I let it be. The other two tents are still wet, so there they are, still in the yard.

I really need to get these out of the yard so I can cur the grass before the leaves fall. It’ll not be easy to rake them if the grass is still long! I just hope the rain holds off until Wednesday (it might) and the tents dry out before then! And the leaves stay on the trees until after the grass is cut. And (while I’m wishing) that little fairies come and cut it for me.