After potluck today, the Pathfinders made 80 PB&J sandwiches. Luckily, Jessica had the foresight to suggest we put down a paper table cloth before opening the jelly. It was a mess when all was said and done.

I about went into a panic there for a few minutes though. Va and I had driven separately, so she could leave early. I had forgotten to get the paper sacks and plastic baggies out of her trunk before she left. I knew we didn’t have enough, which is why I bought them. But Va had taken them out and piled them in with the rest of the lunch-making supplies. Whew! We ended up using all of them, so now I don’t have to worry about forgetting them again.

We took the lunches over to Friendly’s Kitchen, and the people who run that place were very happy to see us (and the food). They figure it will last about two days. We’ll be back again in March to do this again.