Yesterday I had to come home a little early so Va and I could go to the city building to renew our vehicle registration. I also needed to change my address (it was originally listed as a PO Box, because when we first moved to NH, we were housed in temporary quarters). On the way there, I began to wonder when my driver’s license expires, so I fished out my wallet and checked. 9/20/2009. Gah! Nine days ago!

I had been driving illegally for over a week!

So this morning after I illegally dropped Beth off at school, I went straight to the DMV. Well, not straight. I did stop at a Dunkin Donuts shop and get an egg and cheese croissant. At the DMV they had me fill out a form and pose for a deer-in-the-headlights photo. They offered to take another, but I think it’s traditional to have an awkward-looking photo on your driver’s license, so I let it stand.

Then they gave me a temporary license. The real one will be mailed sometime in the near future. I was outta there in half an hour.

I was a little surprised that they didn’t hassle me about letting my old license expire. A guy I know from Virginia accidentally let his license expire, and they made him retake the test. And he flunked it. He had been driving for over thirty years when that happened, but no matter. It expired, and he flunked the test, so then he had to get a learner’s permit. I think if that had happened to me, my kids would never have let me live it down.