Almost four years ago, our Pathfinder club piloted the Internet honor. That means we tested the honor and gave feedback to its author before it was submitted to the NAD for approval. It was approved the following month (with several of our suggestions incorporated). All we had to do then was wait for the patch.

Which has not been forthcoming.

Every time I went to buy honor patches for the club, I would check for the Internet patch. Cheryl (my predecessor) had been doing the same thing. But no patch.

Until tonight.

I was looking for something else on the website where such things are procured (AdventSource), and was having difficulty finding it with their search box. So I started digging manually, looking at everything they had. And that’s when I saw the Internet patch. I put 25 of them in my shopping cart (even though only six of us earned it four years ago).

When you buy 25, you get a heavy discount. I figure I’ll be teaching that one again soon, so I might was well stock up!

It’s about time.