Today after work I “dashed” off to the vet to get some HeartGuard and tick meds for the dog. Of course they’re in the middle of a road construction project in the middle of Concord, and I didn’t know about that. So I had some traffic to slog through.

When I got home and after I ate supper, I pulled the three-man tents out and painted numbers on them with some fabric paint. It’s probably completely unnecessary, but I really like having numbered tents. I’ve come up with a new scheme for doing this, which is good since none of the other tents are numbered yet.

The two I numbered tonight are T09.1 and T09.2. T for Tent, 09 for the year of purchase, and .1/.2 for the serial number. I numbered the fly and the bag. I don’t think I’m going to bother with the poles or canopy though. That should be enough.

I also numbered two of the three chairs I bought. I didn’t label the third, because I’m not 100% positive which one it’s supposed to replace. Maybe 7. The other two are plain old 1 and 2. No fancy schemes for the chairs, because I assign seats on campouts.

In fact, every camper in our group gets what I call an “Issuance Number.” That’s primarily to identify their dishes, but we extended it to chairs a little while back. We assign people dishes so that they are accountable for them (in the case when a dirty dish gets abandoned by a kid, which is surprisingly frequent). We extended this to chairs because people were leaving them out in the open overnight. Rain or dew makes them rather uncomfortable, so now when that happens, the perpetrator is the only one who has to suffer. This has cut WAY back on that. But it also kinda mandates simple whole numbers for the chairs, which is OK.

As soon as the paint dries, I will repack the tents and the chairs. I still need to get the roof bag out and get it on my car. I have already packed my backpack, and I have most of the things ready to go for tomorrow. But not everything. I’ll hafta either get up early tomorrow or stay up late tonight taking care of that.

The other thing I did tonight was to fill a plastic water bottle with gravel as per Michelle’s excellent suggestion in a response to yesterday’s post. So far so good. Shaking the bottle wasn’t quite enough to break Penny’s concentration on Beth, but whacking her with it sure was. She was far more subdued at bedtime tonight than she has been in a while. But what was especially good was that she sought me out for solace as soon as Beth had gone upstairs.

I also tried it on Penny’s other favorite frenzy inducer: the TV. She just goes nuts when anyone turns that on. My guess is that the 15KHz buzz (which is beyond my hearing range) drives her crazy (unlike the not-silent whistle I bought yesterday). Or maybe she dislikes it because it’s an attention hog.

When anyone heads towards the living room, she goes on full alert. Sometimes David will pick up the remote, point it at the TV, and imitate the sound of the TV coming on. That sets her off too. With the TV it’s amusing. With Beth it’s disturbing. Amusement aside though, I need her to quit doing that, because when the kids leave a DVD lying on the floor in front of the TV, Penny will step all over it during her fit. She has ruined more than one DVD that way.