Today Jonathan had planned a hike to the summit of Mount Kearsarge. The same group of people who participated two weeks ago joined us again, as did David.

After church, we ate a quick lunch and then drove to Winslow State Park. When we got there, I found something new that I hadn’t seen there before – an attendant. They’ve always had a little booth at the entrance to that park, and it has always had a sign on it saying “Stop. Pay fee.” But there has never (until today) been anyone there to collect that fee, nor has there been a place to deposit one. So I was a bit surprised by this.

And unprepared.

This fee is $4.00 per person over the age of 12. I had only $4.00 on me, but I had three people over the age of 12. The party joining us had one person over 12, and he had no cash on him either. So we did a U-turn.

That’s a long drive for a U-turn. As it turns out, our companions live within a couple miles of us, so I thought we might as well hike all the way around Sandogardy Pond. Some of that hike is along a couple of roads, and that part of it was rather unpleasant. But overall, it was a decent hike.

We also saw another very rare thing – a train on the tracks that skirt the pond. Trains are so rare on this stretch of track, that they actually stop when they get to the road. A guy hops off the train and flags the traffic to stop. Then the train crosses.

It might be a bit charitable to call this a train anyhow. It consisted of one diesel engine pulling an antique engine. Or maybe it was a caboose. We were too far away to really make it out. Maybe I should have taken a picture.