Today after work I went to the place where we camped to strike our tents. They were mostly dry, but not totally dry.

Joyce offered to help (we were camping on her property). The floors of the three-man tents were still wet, and I was thinking that there’s no way they’d dry any time soon sitting on the ground. And that’s when it struck me – we could hoist them up.

Last spring when we camped there, I strung up a tarp to fend off the rain. I must say, it was the best tarp-stringing job I had ever done too, as it sheds water without it collecting in the tarp. Joyce asked that we just leave the tarp up there, so I did. It came in handy last weekend too, because it rained all day Saturday while we camped there.

Anyhow, I had suspended the lantern from the “ridge pole” rope, and the rope was still there. I realized I could just as easily suspend this tent from there as well. That would also have the effect of getting it under cover (the tarp) protecting it from both dew and rain (which is in the forecast).

We took the tent flies up to the pasture and spread them out while we struck the two large tents. The smaller of the large tents was damp underneath, so I hauled it up there as well, turned it over, and spread it out so the sun could work its magic. Which it did.

Then we struck the biggest tent. By the time that one was packed away, the other tent and the two flies were dry, so we packed those away too. Now all I have to do is go back again to take down the suspended tents.

Beth is at Outdoor School this week. She left from school at about 1:00pm this afternoon. She gets back on Friday. Of course that confuses Penny mightily, and any of our regular “hints” that Beth might be on the move cause her to spring into full alert mode. Hints include the microwave beeping (Beth might be summoned to eat!), or me unplugging the power supply t omy laptop (Alpha might be putting her to bed! He always take the laptop with him for that!) Which is true. I often write these posts from her room while she is trying to get to sleep.

But not tonight.