When I got home I took the dog out and checked in on my garden. It would be difficult to characterize this year’s effort as a success. The three sisters are a bit… sickly. I just don’t have enough sun I think.

So far I have harvested a grand total of nine green bean pods. And the beans are done now.

I have two squash that are roughly the size of my pinky, and both are growing on plants with three stunted leaves. Not a lot of hope for converting sunlight into squash there, but who knows. They might pull a rabbit outta that hat. But I sure doubt it.

The corn never got more than four feet high. All the stalks have male flowers (the tassels) and female flowers (the silks), but shortly after I planted them, I read that you need about eight times more corn than I planted for them to pollinate one another. The silks have no substance beneath them to suggest a cob, much less kernels.

Next year I may need to cut some trees down to give this patch a little more light. But I hate to cut down my (living) trees because I actually like the shade. I might cut down a small cherry though, as I don’t think it’s anything more than a coppice anyhow. Plus it’s a tent caterpillar magnet.

On the other hand, I have harvested about three quarts of blackberries on the place. I didn’t plant a one of them. I didn’t water them. I didn’t fertilize them. But there they are. I picked another double-handful of berries tonight in fact, and there were prolly double that still on the canes out front (but my hands were full).

Maybe I should stick to edible wild plants.