Today after work I met David at the church and we unloaded the Pathfinder trailer into the parking lot. When we went to Oshkosh, we repacked several of our plastic tubs. That was good because it reduced the number of tubs we had to haul there. It was bad because each tub is labelled with what’s supposed to be inside, and the labels no longer matched.

I also had made an alphabetic inventory sheet telling which tub everything belongs to. It was a lot of work to do all that, but it has paid us back a couple of times now. As in, “Where’s the aluminum foil? Tub 17.” Bingo. We used to search through all the tubs until we found it, but now we just check the list and go straight to the correct tub.

But Oshkosh put all of that out of whack. David and I spent time getting it all back into whack. We also wrote down how much food we had and what kind. “Hey look! Corn.” Lots of corn.

The next thing we will do is plan the menu for this weekend’s campout, and buy whatever food we lack. I’m not sure if we’ll do that Thursday or Friday. We’ll see.

When we finished, I had him practice driving the car around the (empty) parking lot and park several times. Also: sharp turns. He has been under the mistaken impression that in order to turn sharper, you have to mash down on the gas pedal. It works in video games. I think he may be broken of that now, but I fear it may be pretty deeply engrained. More practice on the horizon I’m sure.

Tonight I saw a woodworker’s workbench on Craigslist. Man, it looks sweet, and the guy was only asking $50. It has an end vice, a face vice, bench dogs, tool tray, drawer, and a cabinet. I answered the ad, but it has been tentatively sold already. If it falls through, I might be able to get it. It would be an ideal birthday present for me.