I slept in the backyard in one of the new tents last night with Beth. She went to sleep around 9:00 or so, and I went to sleep around 9:30. That’s pretty early for me, so to make up for it I woke up pretty early. Like 4:00am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, and the biggest part of that tragedy was that I had convinced myself it was 5:00, not 4:00 (an analog dial in the dark will do that). At 4:45 I realized it was not 5:45, but that didn’t help me sleep any better. I may have dozed off a couple of times, but when 6:00 finally did roll around, I got up, and that woke Beth.

We went to the back door and found that it was locked! When we went out last night, we exited through the basement so Penny wouldn’t know we were in the backyard. If she had known that, she would have spent the whole night barking out the back door. That’s why the door was still locked. Of course when I jiggled the door, Penny went into a barking frenzy, as someone was trying to get into the house! Red Alert!

We went around to the basement and came in that way. Penny just about wet herself when she was we were not killers. Actually, she did wet herself, but I didn’t notice.

I made some waffles for Beth (no big deal – freezer to toaster to plate, not from scratch or anything like that). Then I washed the dishes. By then Va came down and saw Penny’s puddle in the hallway. So I cleaned that up. Then I had an egg sandwich for myself (egg, cheese, veggie-sausages, and mayo on an English muffin). Then I went to bed and slept for real until 10:30 or so.

After I got up I took a shower and got dressed, and we went out for lunch. What a life! Sleep, eat, sleep, eat. When we got home again, I started cleaning the family room. I bagged up all the newspapers for recycling too. Then I drove to town to drop off some overdue library books and went to Lowes and bought a tarp.

I wanted the tarp so I could make a custom-fit ground cloth for this new tent. I laid it out and dragged the tent onto it. Then I marked it off with a sharpie, pulled the tent off again, and cut it out. I still need to add some grommets to the corners where the poles and stakes go.

David got full credit for his ethnic food assignment. I knew his teacher would like that, because it was a little more involved than microwaving a frozen burrito. She wrote something to the effect of “That was the most authentic example of ethnic cooking I have seen. Ever!”

Yay! Maybe he’ll realize that ol’ Dad occasionally gives some good advice.