A while back I promised Beth we could camp in the backyard some night. Well, it looks like tonight is that night, so we got out a tent and pitched it:

Beth pitching the tent

Beth pitching the tent

Tonight is the first Pathfinder meeting of the year (2009-2010), so I won’t get home until it’s dark. That’s why we pitched the tent this morning. I don’t want to pitch it in the dark.

So as soon as I get home, she’ll brush her teeth, get on her jammies, and then we’ll head out to the tent to spend the night.

Next week we’ll have the first Pathfinder campout of the year, and then the conference camporee two weeks after that. We had originally planned a backpacking trip for the following week, but the people who were pressing for it have backed out, so I cancelled it. Otherwise, I would have been camping for four of the next five weekends. I guess three out of the next four isn’t that different though.