Today was the first Pathfinder meeting of the year. I wasn’t as prepared as I had hoped to be, but everything still worked out pretty OK. The problem was that I had forgotten how Jonathan had rescheduled a hike.

For one of the classes he is taking, he has to organize four group activities that are physical-fitness related. He chose hiking. Originally, he/we had planned the first hike for yesterday, but we forgot that he was already booked. He’s helping run the Eager Beaver program, which is a part of Adventurers, which is the kids club that Va runs. Oops! I had it in my head that it had been rescheduled for a Saturday about two weeks from yesterday, but that was not the case. Rather, it was today at noon. At 11:30, he suggested that we might want to get going.

I quickly gathered everything I could think of that I would need for the hike and for the Pathfinder meeting, because I knew we would not make it back to the house before that was supposed to start. I forgot a ton of things though.

Jonathan, Beth, and I met two Pathfinders and their dad, and set out for the trail head. We hiked up the Oak Hill trail in Concord and made it to the fire tower at 2:00pm. Not bad! Then we hustled back down and got to the trailhead again at 3:20 or so. I called Va from the summit and asked her to bring all the things I had forgotten, and she did do that for me.

The meeting went pretty well. It was not a regular meeting with the regular agenda though. I had them fall in and I described how things were going to work. That was for the benefit of the three new members. It was all old hat to everyone who was with us last year. Then I sent them outside with Jessica and Jonathan (new staff members) to play some outdoor games. They had a good time. I made photocopies and talked to parents.

Beth stayed with us too, and I think she had a good time. Afterwards, I took my three kids to Taco Bell and we had some dinner. Then home. And now Beth and I are in the tent we pitched in the yard this morning.