After work tonight I went to the school to make some adjustments to the computers. I spent close to four hours futzing around with them, and I have almost nothing to show for all that effort.

I went in with three goals: Hook up the printer, get the Flash plug-in installed in Firefox, and see if I could get USB flash drives to work. When I got there, Katrina (the teacher) was still there. She told me that when I created an account for one of the new kids, I spelled his name wrong. In my defence, I had never heard of that name until he showed up! That was easy to fix, so now I guess I do have at least something to show for me efforts.

The Flash Player refused to work at all. I have a support request out there. We’ll see what happens. I also was not able to get the printer to work. But I know something else to try next time. USB flash memory just worked all by itself. I plugged one in, and an icon popped up on my desktop. Clicking it opened it and I was able to move stuff around on it. yay.