Today at lunch I went for a walk and took a couple dozen photos of flowers. I haven’t logged them in a while, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to tonight either. Too tired.

While I was walking, Cliff tried to call me. I didn’t hear the phone. I called him back around 4:00pm though, and learned that he had been talking to a guy today about our playground project. This guy happens to own a bulldozer and was willing to come out and clear all the stumps and pretty much wipe out the remaining vegetation. Cool. So we needed to burn our brush piles. Tonight.

So that’s what I did after work. Job one was to buy another 100′ of garden hose. I was the first one there, so that fell to me. Once I had the hose, I went to the farthest brush pile the hose could reach and doused a circle around it. Then I lit it off. Pretty soon some other people showed up too. By then I had been feeding this fire from other brush piles for 20 minutes or so. They joined in, and the work went a lot faster.



The bulldozer guy showed up around 7:00pm with no bulldozer. He had to finish some other job first, and it took him longer than he had expected, or something. I dunno. But he will come tomorrow and do the deed.

I stayed with three other guys (a dad, his son, and his grandson) and we fed the ends into the fire. At 9:00 pm or so, we decided we had had enough. That pile would have burned all night if we had let it, but none of us wanted to stay all night. So we put it out with the hose. Actually, we put out three fires, because that’s how many we started. It took half an hour to knock them down, even though they were pretty well burned out by then. It was a massive bed of coals.

Then we wound up the hoses and I came home. I be tired!