I gave up on the city today. I’ve been calling them about the ditch excavation project they did which made my mailbox inaccessible to the USPS. The first time I called, they said they’d come out and take a look. I also mentioned the catchment pond. I heard nothing. So I called again. They seemed to know what I was talking about and suggested that the mailbox should be 48″ off the “travelled” part of the road and 42″ high. Thanks for that! I’m pretty sure our box was less than 48″ off the travelled part of the road. The problem is the gaping chasm they created between my box and the road. An abyss! They said they’d come out and look again. I never heard anything.

So I moved my mailbox 10 or 12 feet north where the ditch is not so deep and where I’m pretty sure the mail truck will have no trouble. Hopefully the snow plows won’t either. Then I went to see our neighbors.

I dunno about them, but I certainly navigate by landmarks, and a mailbox makes a pretty good one. They might use it as such to find their driveway at night. I thought it would be a good idea to let them know I moved it.

These are the same people we met for the first time earlier this summer. They have two horses. So I told Beth I was going to see the neighbors across the street, and she was very keen to come along to visit with Splash (the horse).

As soon as we arrived, Bev asked if Beth wanted to visit the horses. Of course she did. Bev ducked inside and grabbed a bag of carrots so Beth could give them to the horses. Last time we were there, their other horse – Bismark – was working a summer camp. But he’s back now, and Beth could not have been more delighted. A new horse! I told Bev about the mailbox. Then she told me about a visit she had from the city.

They ambled up her driveway and asked if she was 313. Nope, she’s 312. So they ambled right back, and eventually drove away. I dunno if they ever went to our house or not, but David (who was home all day) said that they never knocked. They have my phone number. I expect they wanted to tell me to move my mailbox. I expect they are also pretty well pleased with their catchment pond remodelling job, so I should not expect any improvements there either.

Oh well. I think I will at least continue to receive mail.