I spent a couple hours at the church today clearing brush for the new playground. It’s surprising how much grew back since earlier this summer when we last worked on it. Some of the trees had coppiced up to six feet high!

Next week we will rent a chipper and bring in a bush hog. After that we’ll be looking for some fill. There’s still a lot of work remaining.

It started raining while we were out there, but with my hat on, I hardly noticed at first. I couldn’t help but notice later, as it just got harder and harder. I was soaked to the undies. I called Va and asked her if she had left yet. She had not, so I requested a change of clothes.

After the brush clearing project we had a birthday party for the school. We’re starting our third year, so we had a little party (complete with cake). When Va arrived, I shed my wet clothes and donned the dry ones. Then I went into the school and we moved the CRT monitors out to the hallway and set up the LCD’s. I still need to set up the printer and make sure the kids can use flash drives on the thin clients.

As the party wound down, we had a Master Plan Committee meeting. That committee is basically making the plans for the playground. I wanted us to come up with a whole list of tasks and get approval from both the school board and the church board to get going on them. That would be way better than having to wait for approvals every time we finish something. Approvals are important, but they sure slow things down!

Anyhow, all that brush clearing has worn me out now. Luckily the rain must have washed most of the sweat and dirt off me, because I don’t feel TOO gross.