Today at work I went to an ESD training seminar. ESD is electrostatic discharge, i.e., static electricity. It can (and does) damage electronic components, so it has to be controlled in a place where such devices are manufactured. Such as where I work.

After the seminar, we had to take a test, which I got a 100% on. I wish they had let us take the test BEFORE the seminar, and let us skip it if we passed. But that is not what happened.

When I got home from work I struck the other two tents. I loaded the three I had done last night into the trunk of my car, and I will take them to the trailer when I think of it. One of the tents I struck today was still a tad damp on the underside of the floor, so I spread it out in the basement to dry. The other was fine, so it went into the trunk with the others.

I’ve spent some time making up a schedule for the upcoming Pathfinder year. I had made a few assumptions about when various conference activities would be, but I guessed wrong (I asked). Now I need to make some updates.

Other than that… not too much happening today!