I am still recovering from our trip to Oshkosh. Work was a tad on the hectic side when I got in. There were some emergencies that nearly caused them to call me while I was on vacation, but they managed to resist that urge. Thankfully.

After work I had an appointment with our new school teacher. I created a user account for her on our network, and then we created new accounts for all the new students and changed the passwords on all the existing students. I showed her what we had and made a list of things that need some attention. I will get to that as soon as I can.

When I got home I started striking tents. They were all well dry by then, and I detected no hint of mustiness.

Penny helpfully brought me sticks to throw while I did that. When a tent is struck, the last thing to do is to roll it up so it can be stuffed into a canvas bag. That action always causes it to balloon out as the trapped air finds its way to the unrolled section which gets smaller and smaller. I usually lay on that to force the air through the fabric. Penny took that as a sign that she should jump on me and lick my face. Not very helpful at all actually.

I struck the three large tents, but the two smaller three-man jobs are still out there now. If it rains tonight, it rains tonight. I will strike them when they are dry, be that tomorrow or sometime next week. I was just too wiped out from striking the other three to continue.

We got a notice from the Post Office in our mailbox today. They want us to fix the wash out in front of our box or they will no longer deliver our mail. The “wash out” was put there by the city with their backhoe last week. They deepened the ditches on both sides of the road and made a mess of the catchment pond. Va called me and told me about the notice, so I called the city’s highway department and explained the predicament. They promised to send the backhoe out again either today (which did not happen) or tomorrow morning (we’ll see). Hopefully they will fix the pond and the ditch (I told them about both).

As I recover from the trip, I keep thinking of dorky things I did while travelling. Did you know that you cannot haggle with a toll booth operator? As it turns out, they have no “wiggle room”. We pulled up to a toll booth, and the lady said “That will be $6.25.” I made a counter offer of $5.00. She wouldn’t budge. I offered to throw in some grocery coupons. Still no budge. So I gave her the $6.25. She laughed, and really, that’s all I was trying to get from her. I hope she enjoyed the encounter.