We got to the church last night at 12:06 am, so my midnight estimate was pretty respectable. The parents were glad to see their kids, and the kids were all in a happy mood too. The boys and I got home a bit before 1:00am. Penny was beside herself with joy.

I told the boys I was going to sleep till noon. Thirty-nine. Pacific Standard Time. In reality, I got up at 10:00. After I got dressed, I went around the yard/woods seeing what was in bloom. The ground nut bloomed while I was away! I’d post a pic, but it seems that would be borderline criminal since I haven’t posted any pics of Oshkosh yet. So… here we are Thursday morning in front of our conference’s entrance:

Central NH Flames at the Courage to Stand camporee

Central NH Flames at the Courage to Stand camporee

The catchment pond is still isolated from the ditch. Maybe I’ll contact the city tomorrow about that. It has also silted up pretty good, so it’s only half as deep as when they “finished” with it. The mud around the pond is perfect for animal tracks. I have about convinced myself that a canine of some sort visits that pond on a daily (or nightly) basis. They are not Penny’s tracks, as everyone in the family promises they don’t let her go to the pond, and she never goes outside alone (her choice) for more than a few minutes. There are also several feline tracks out there, and some that I couldn’t figure out. They almost looked like knife blade marks – very deep and narrow ruts, with no surrounding impressions. Dunno!

Later, Va and I went into Concord. Connor had left a bag of laundry in my trunk, so we went to the church to drop that off. He’ll get it Saturday. I retrieved all the tents from the trailer so I could pitch them when I got home. Then we went to Target and ordered 177 prints of some of the photos I had taken over the past month. And we ate some lunch.

When we got home, I pitched five tents in the yard. The Colemans were starting to get that smell too. I flipped them over and hosed the mud off the underside of the floor, then turned them over to let the floor dry. If they are still musty tomorrow, I will hit them with bleach. I strung the flies out on some trees, and on the deck – wherever I could find a place. The new Asp 3’s I bought before we left were still damp too, so those went up first.

I am still pretty wiped out.