This morning we are stopped at a Best Western in Elyria, OH (or as I like to call it, Elyria hydroxide). We left Oshkosh yesterday morning at about 9:30 CDT. Our toll-aversion strategy was to swing north and drive along I-94 through Michigan. This goes right past Battle Creek, so we decided to stop there and take the tour of the Adventist Heritage Village (if I got that name wrong… sorry). We foolishly thought that Chicago traffic wouldn’t be any worse than it was last Monday, but were proven oh so wrong. Thanks to stimulus spending, it took two hours to traverse that most windy of cities. Add that to the stop at Battle Creek, and you might be able to guess that we did not make as much progress as we had wanted to.

We drove until abut 12:30. By then some of our drivers were just too tired to continue. Joyce was still wide awake though, so I devised a plan. I swapped Adam for Connor, and we all stopped at this Best Western. We fished the luggage out of Joyce’s camper, and then fished out jammies, today’s clothing, and toiletries. Then reloaded the luggage into the camper. She drove on. We checked in.

I pitched my tent in the room to dry it out, and it is bone dry and repacked now. One down, five to go.

We still have another 12 hours of driving time ahead of us. Add rest stops, and I expect we should get home around midnight? Methinks I shall take the day off work tomorrow!