Ever play Monopoly and draw one of those “Bank error in your favor, collect $100” cards? Well I did that in real life today, times ten. Except that the bank was really the Pathfinder funds for the Oshkosh trip. A payment we had made to our fruit company (that’s our fundraiser) had been posted twice, so it looked like our profit from that was down by more than it was. Woohoo!

I calculated that we would need about $3800 to go on this trip, and before today, I thought we had raised $3900 – just a bit more than we needed. That’s not much of a cushion, but I figured we’d be OK.

But now I find out that we have a much larger cushion. My plan is to hang onto that. If we don’t need it while we’re there, it’s enough for us to check into a hotel on the way back.

This means we will get a real bed, air conditioning, and a hot shower one day sooner. It also means we don’t have to worry that the free arrangements I had made were suboptimal for our return trip. We are planning to stay at a church in Lorain, OH on the way there. It’s a couple hours past the half-way point on the way there, which means it’s a couple hours shy of the half-way point on the way back. If we were to stay there on both legs of the trip, we would not get home until pretty late the second day. But with this extra money, we can stop maybe in Buffalo, NY instead (which is a couple hours past the half-way point). Or we could stop in Erie, PA if we can’t make it quite that far (we do have to break camp before we drive off).

So that’s the plan! Woot!