Today I met our Pathfinder Club’s previous director (my predecessor) for a lunchtime tour of the wildflowers of Concord. She is working on her Flowers honor and I offered to help her ID some plants. We started out from the Market Basket parking lot and walked north along Storrs Street. We only went a couple of blocks and then turned around, because lunch is only one hour long, and we were stopping to take pictures every 100 feet or so.

She got pictures of 37 species. I had told her I thought we could knock out 35, and I guess that was a pretty good guess! I don’t think I can name all 37 of them now because I didn’t take pictures of them all. But here’s what I do remember:

Butter and eggs, bitter dock, yellow goat’s beard, rabbit’s foot clover, birdfoot trefoil, showy tick-trefoil, soapwort, Canadian goldenrod, American nightshade, bittersweet nightshade, common milkweed, jewelweed, Sandspurry, wood sorrel, common yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace, lespediza, black swallowort, St John’s wort, evening primrose, celandine, pokeweed, groundsel, red clover, sweet white clover, hedge bindweed, burdock, lamb’s quarters, Virginia pepperweed, meadow sweet, and dandelion. Whew!

As soon as I tried to take a picture of my first specimen, I noticed that I had left my camera’s big memory card in my laptop. Luckily, I carry my emergency backup memory card in my camera case, so I popped that in. It’ll only hold six photos at full resolution, so I reduce the image size to 640×480 – enough to document my findings.

When I got home I took another stab at photographing the woodland sunflowers. There are more than half a dozen in bloom along the road in front of the house now. I also tried getting a decent shot of some boneset and a few others.

Beth had left a tub by the catchment pond, and I had noticed what I thought was a dead bug in there yesterday. Today I saw it swimming! I don’t think Beth caught this one and put it in the tub. I think it may have caught itself somehow. Anyhow, I caught it in the bug net and set it out in the sun so I could get some pictures of it. After taking several, I noticed I still was taking 640×480 shots. Doh!

So I changed it back to high res (3456×2592) and took some more. Then I redid the sunflowers. I am not positive, but I suspect this is a Hellgramite – the larval form of the dobsonfly we saw at Taco Bell Sunday. Update: it’s a dragonfly nymph. Thanks!

Dragonfly nymph

Hellgramite? Maybe!Dragonfly nymph

It is even more scary-looking in larval form than it is as an adult! After switching to hi-res mode, the little bugger wasn’t as cooperative as he was at first, and kept trying to slip away. I took another half dozen ill-posed shots, and then dumped it back into the plastic tub. Maybe it’ll still be there tomorrow and I can try again when it’s less ornery.