Today is the fifth anniversary of when we moved to New Hampshire. I think. I know we closed on our old house on a Wednesday (July 14, 2004), and set out for NH on Thursday (July 15), arriving here on Friday (July 16).

It was a circus. We underestimated the effort required to pack the house into a truck by an order of magnitude. The truck was full, but the house was not yet empty, which was a problem, because we were supposed to be outta there. As I recall (and I could look this up – I chronicled the whole thing via a series of emails to my family) we ended up renting a smaller, second truck and a storage unit. We filled the smaller truck (and emptied it) twice. Then we checked into a hotel exhausted. Except that it was really, really hard to find a room at 11:00pm or midnight. We did eventually find one though, and in the morning we set out for NH. A week or two later we went back to Va, got another large truck, and moved our stuff to a different storage unit here in NH.

It was murder. That was followed by an infuriating five months of “we’ll close in two weeks” on the new house which was under construction. We had intended to use a construction loan, but the contractor could never get his insurance straightened out to the bank’s satisfaction. We closed when the house was finished on December 1.

I have not looked back. I am absolutely in love with New Hampshire. I love the short drive to work (25 minutes), and even more than that, I love the short drive back home again. That journey is consistently within 2 minutes of 25 minutes. In Va, there was no predicting how long it would take to get home, but it was usually about an hour, and sometimes two. Traffic was horrible! I just laugh when I hear people up here complain about traffic. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

I also love the weather here. Today at sunrise it was 47 degrees in Concord, a record low for July 14. This summer we’ve not been hotter than 85°F as far as I know. It hasn’t really been over 80°F more than a couple of times. I don’t like hot weather, and we just don’t have that here (very much).

When we were in KY last week, several people asked us how we could stand the cold. Cold is easy! Just wear a heavy coat. We all like the snow, and we do get our fill of that here.

I like hiking in the mountains when I can do that. I like living within a 20 minute walk to Sandogardy Pond (always something to see there).

All this makes it easy for me to forget the nightmare we went through getting here. I count it as nothing!