My brother is starting a business. He has a contract to make wooden bases for trophies. At first he was planning to do the work from his garage, but then the orders started coming in, quickly outstripping his garage’s capacity. So he’s building a shed in the backyard to house some of the equipment he bought for this enterprise.

Since we are almost local to him right now, we went to his place on Wednesday. Dad was already there, and he was cutting rafters for him. I got to work doing some wiring. Most of it was done already, but not the lights (there was no roof, and thus no ceiling when the previous spate of wiring was done). I also added a 220V circuit. Then I cut some limbs out of a locust tree for him (they were into the power lines and they were in the way of putting up the fascia).

I climbed the tree with the aid of an aluminum ladder. I cut the limbs with a bow saw. Everything went swimmingly and no one was electrocuted or anything, yay!

But cutting those limbs just about wore me out completely. I came down and rested a bit, but the wind did not return to my sails. So we headed on back to Dawson.

Today we visited more relatives, and I guess we’ll do more of that tomorrow as well.

I’ve been taking pictures of birds at Dad’s house. Some of the shots are OK, especially if one considers that I have next to no photos of birds anyhow. I can see plenty of room for improvement though. For one, I’ve been shooting through the glass, and even though I cleaned it first, it still has several unfortunate reflections that distract from the final image. For another, I’m zoomed in to the max, which on my camera, makes for a grainier photo.

But I’ve gotten several birds. Dad has been telling me what they are, but I know I will quickly forget. In fact… I already have. I’ll have Dad help me tag them when I load them onto my laptop. Maybe… tomorrow?